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ESTATE SQUARES is the only Brokerage Free Property Listing platform in India where you can buy, sell or rent-out your old and new property. ESTATE SQUARES is offering no commission property listing services for individual owners, real-estate partners and builders across India.



Start Earning with Our Affiliate Program – Part-Time/Full-Time

We have recently launched our affiliate partner program for individuals, team and real-estate partners to work with ESTATE SQUARES on a on-going/upcoming projects. Jointly, we will work to generate leads for our builder partners that will make our earning for mutual growth.


Real-estate Work From Home Opportunity


After COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen lots of job terminations which forced us to try second income. Join our affiliate program on part-time or full-time basis either from our office or WFH (Work From Home) without spending any expenses.

Who can Join and What you need to You?

When you join our affiliate program you become your own Boss like pro. You need to spend 2-4 hours daily to grow real-estate business. Our team will provide you free training and all required support. Anyone above 18years can join us:

  1. Housewives
  2. Retired persons
  3. Young Boys/Girls
  4. Students
  5. Professionals
  6. Businessmen
  7. Real-estate agents

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